We are committed to improving patient care, removing unnecessary barriers to medical care and promoting quality of life, health and wellness. 

Patient Advocate 

We offer a concierge and access service to assist clients with guidance and access to quality U.S. health providers, services and treatments not currently available where they live. We service both insured and non-insured clients. 


We have the local knowledge and expertise in hand-holding clients depending on their case’s needs, to quality access healthcare providers.


We pride ourselves in guiding patients in their time of need. Every case is unique including its clinical, travel, administrative to financial needs required by each member. We assess each case and guide based on specific needs.  We navigate patient from the moment we are contacted until patient is evaluated, treated and returns home. We ensure client’s local medical team is also aware of case for follow through upon returning home. We are there every step of the way.

We provide you with a team of Patient Advocates and Navigators to assist you with:

  • Options to quality healthcare providers for each case, whether prevention and/or treatment(s) to insured and non-insured.

  • We access most cost-effective and discounts to services for our members.
    We advocate for non-insured members to not overpay.
    We guide insured members based on their policies to pay least co-pays/deductibles.

  • Expedite scheduling of appointments for patients-virtual, telephone and in-person.

  • Coordination of medical records to provider(s).

  • Communication with home medical team. We work as a team with referring physician(s), nurse/assistant(s), patient caretaker, patient insurance, if any, and team of physicians in U.S.

  • We are member’s liaison in accessing health insurance coverage details.

  • Coordination of ancillary services for members such as diagnostics, air ambulance services and support services.

  • Provide member with logistics information including discounted lodging, transportation, etc. Please note that some of our providers provide complimentary transportation, a driver, for our members.

  • Assist member with prevention service(s) including comprehensive physical exams, mental health and wellness support services with quality wellness providers.

  • In certain cases, a patient navigator to accompany member to appointments. 

  • For most cancer cases, member has access to complimentary/free/no charge virtual second opinions.
    Our network of oncology providers in Miami/South Florida will review each member’s case and provide their opinion for treatment(s).

  • Discounted Executive / Medical Physicals in Miami/South Florida.

Our network providers’ services include MRIs, mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsy, CTs, Bone Scans, Pet Scans, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Urology Services and Procedures, including Trauma Surgery, General Surgery, and reconstructive and plastic surgery and support services and many other medical services. Lastly, we have providers using the latest techniques and treatments for Interventional Radiology. We also collaborate with hospitals and academic institutions for a variety of diagnosis.

Our wellness providers include comprehensive physical exams, mental health support and wellness services (please click on respective tabs for info).

Clients pay for actual service/treatment needed directly to the providers.

Next Steps

Please follow these steps to proceed and we will provide you with a complimentary evaluation on how we can assist with your case:


  1. Summarize in your own words your need(s) for service(s) with proposed dates of travel and your ideal date/time for appointments.  For example, I need an MRI. I need a Pet Scan. I need a consultation with medical oncologist or ______(specialist).

  2. Summarize your diagnosis (if any) in your own words with dates, treatment/services received so far and recommendations for treatment you have received. For example, I was diagnosed with _______ on ______(date) and my specialist recommends ________. I have already received the following treatments: __________. I need a second opinion.

  3. Download H.O.P.E. Registration & Consent Form and please fill out and sign. If you do not send this, we cannot act on your behalf.

  4. Attach medical records. Please attach all medical records or if you do not have any, please contact us so we can guide you as to what we will need. 

  5. Your Contact Info to include: Full Name, Date of Birth, Home Country Address and Contact Phone Number (ideally mobile/cell ph #).

E​mail all above to:








Health & 





Executive, Comprehensive Physicals

We assist patients with access to services through our network of providers such as Executive Physicals. A comprehensive physical examination is a great service for everyone, not only Executives. 

An executive physical is more than just a series of tests. You'll also likely discuss fitness and exercise plans with an exercise physiologist and get detailed diet advice from a nutritionist. Your appointment with a physician may cover such topics as sleep quality and stress management.


Most patients get a wide variety of tests done in a single day. Depending on your medical history, along with the usual height, weight and blood pressure readings, these can include a body composition analysis, electrocardiogram, cardiac stress test, lung capacity analysis, fitness evaluation, eye exam, hearing test and nutrition assessment in addition to lab tests for cholesterol and other health markers. Gender-specific exams such as pap smears and tests for prostate cancer markers are also available.


Typically these physicals include full panel laboratory tests, chest x-rays, pulmonary function testing (if needed), audiograms (if needed), full body CAT scanning, EKGs, heart stress tests, vascular age tests, urinalysis, and mammograms or prostate exams depending on gender.


We provide:

  • expedited appointments

  • coordination of any clinical/health records

  • communicate with home preventive team, if needed

  • look into health insurance

  • provide access to most cost effective (if you don’t have insurance) services

  • assistance with travel logistics, lodging, transportation

  • and if needed, someone to accompany patient to appointments. 

Our wellness providers include comprehensive physical exams, mental health support and wellness services (click on Mental Health Support or Health & Wellness Tab). Our first choice of provider is outpatient, independent Internist Practices due to their expeditious process, no long lengthy paperwork and very cost effective. However, if you have another preference, we can accommodate as well.

Clients pay for actual service needed directly to the providers.

Next Steps


Please follow these steps to proceed:  Physicals – Healthy Services:

  1. Specify service you need with proposed dates of travel and your ideal date for appointments.

  2. Download the H.O.P.E. Registration & Consent Form and please fill out and sign. If you do not send this, we cannot act on your behalf.

  3. If you will use Insurance, please send a copy of your Insurance card (Front and back).

  4. Attach any relevant medical records, possibly the previous year’s physical reports. 


Once we receive this, we will organize and send you a physical questionnaire to fill out and get you started.

Email all above to:

Note: They can run some services through Insurance, but please note that there may be certain fees not accepted by your insurance and you would be responsible for. In addition, patients will be responsible for copays and deductibles as well as total payments for any services that are denied by the insurance company. Finally, the duration of the study is targeted within 2 days, but obviously varies from patient to patient dependent upon needed testing.

Mental Support Services​​

Psychological, Counseling Support for Patients​

Many of our patients who receive a cancer diagnosis can be as devastating to the psyche as the cancer itself is to the body. Awareness and advocacy have played and continue to play essential roles in prevention, early detection, and treatment advances.

What seems to be missing from the conversation, however, is the psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis and its implications in care and prognosis. This is clearly evidenced not only in the hollow literature on the subject, but also by the sparsity of resources available. Most baffling is the lack of attention paid by the medical specialists whose very job it is to help.

According to The National Cancer Institute, up to 25% of cancer survivors experience symptoms of depression and up to 45 % experience anxiety. Many also experience symptoms meeting the criteria of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Most concerning is that survivors are twice as likely to commit suicide than the general population.

It varies for many patients, however for many cancer patients, negative psychological effects don't even begin until after treatment ends. This is often when distress sets in and one of the most crucial junctures during which attention must be paid to the emotional well-being of the patient. As important as it is to have support throughout treatment, perhaps more important is an ongoing sustainable support system that the patient can count on throughout recovery.  Then you have other patients who experience it as soon as they're diagnosed.

“Cancer survivors who are depressed are twice as likely to die prematurely as those who are not depressed” -Journal of Cancer Survivorship   

Whatever the illness or diagnosis may be for a patient, being affected by a mental health condition can sometimes make patients feel isolated and overwhelmed. Since dealing with the news the patient may have received, can already be tough, it’s important to find a support system that patient can rely on. Being able to talk to a trusted friend, family member, support group or mental health professional an provide relief and assistance in times of need. 
Mental Support for Caretakers, Family, The Healthy
We call mental support for The Healthy, becoming mindful - the practice of mindfulness. 

Mindfulness simply means "self- awareness." It is the process of focusing the mind, body and soul on what is being sensed in the moment, and it provides the client with the insight to observe and understand positive, negative and in-between feelings from a distance.

Mindfulness practices can help relieve stress, improve sleep, and reduce chronic pain, blood pressure and symptoms of heart disease. It also has the power to change the way your brain functions. Studies have found that activities such as meditation and yoga increase the number of signaling connections in the brain and provide better control over processing pain and emotions.

Mental health is part of overall health. Just like we can’t be well without good mental health, we can’t be healthy if we neglect the rest of our body. When dealing with a mental health condition it can be easy to fall into a rut, relying solely on medication or therapy to be your cure and forgetting to take good care of your body. However, paying attention to lifestyle choices is important for recovery as well, thus we have an array of providers offering preventive and well-being services from comprehensive physicals to yoga to cryotherapy, massage, facials, etc. Click on: Healthy Concierge Services.

We have hand-picked our providers for this service and they provide consultations and sessions via the phone, Skype and FaceTime.  However should you have a preference for an in-person session or a special request, please let us know and we will accommodate.

Clients pay for actual service needed directly to the providers.

Next Steps
Please follow these steps to proceed:  Mental Health Support Services:

Summarize in your own words your need(s) for service(s) with proposed dates of travel and your ideal date/time for appointments.  Specify service you need with ideal date(s) for counseling service and specify whether you prefer FaceTime, Skype or regular phone call or in person session(s).  For example, I need a counseling session with ________ for adult/child _________. I need a virtual (or in-person) consultation with ______(specialist).
Summarize your diagnosis (if any) in your own words with dates, treatment/counseling received so far and recommendations you have received. For example, I was diagnosed with _______ on ______(date) and my counselor recommends ________.
Download the Consent Form (link to consent form here) and please fill out and sign. If you do not send this, we cannot act on your behalf.
Attach medical records, if applicable. 
Your Contact Info to include: Full Name, Date of Birth, Home Country Address and Contact Phone Number (ideally mobile/cell ph #).

Email all above to:

Our Preferred Mental Health Support Providers:

Based in New York:

Dr. Genevieve Harris
Covering Westchester, Bronx, Brooklyn and New York, NY
Phone #: 1 (914) 523-2947
Flexible schedules. All virtual options for counseling and option to travel to you as well. Pricing varies on each case. Practice accepts cash and credit card only.

Jinaki Howard
Covering  Brooklyn, Bronx and New York, NY
Phone #: 1 (917) 407-0585
CV:  see bio/CV link here
Flexible schedules. All virtual options for counseling and option to travel to you as well. Pricing varies on each case.  Practice accepts cash and credit card only.

Based in S. Florida - Davie and Ft. Lauderdale:

Sheridan House, Family Ministries (Christian Faith-Based Counseling)
1700 S Flamingo Rd, Davie, FL 33325

(954) 583-1552
Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm; 50 mins session $120USD. By appointment only.
Only in-person option. Cost: $120 per session
Practice accepts cash and credit card only.
Please fill out the Adult In-Take Form or the Child In-Take Form in order to make an appointment for you.


Health & Wellness Services

The Healthy, Preventive Care

Holistic definition of health and well-being is looking at an individual’s health and lifestyle considering all four factors, physical, intellectual, emotional and social.  It focuses on the whole body and mind, not just a part of the body and the symptoms of the problem. It will look at the lifestyle of the individual such as nutritional deficiencies, causes of stress and why there is a lack of good health and wellness. We believe the start to evaluating our well-being begins with a Comprehensive Physical and wellness services.


Health & Wellness Services include: cryotherapy, massage, yoga, physical therapy, gym and fitness, chromo(color) therapy, sauna therapy, chiropractic services, acupuncture, cupping therapy, facial/skincare.....and more services!

In South Florida, we work very closely with Vital Health Wellness Center. We like their team for treating each client with the attention they deserve and they tailor service(s) to the needs of the clients. Whether it's acupuncture, a yoga class, fitness or chiropractic service, they are there to cater to your specific need(s). 

This is a performance and recovery-based facility focused on the well-being of both mind and body. They improve the overall quality of your life through a variety of evidence-based therapies, fitness training, nutritional counseling, and skincare. Their team of experienced professionals are your partners along the journey to bring lasting change and personal vitality. They help empower you as an individual to reach your goals.

They’re on a mission to change the way we treat the conditions of the body through a balanced approach to health and wellness.

Address: 12064 Miramar Parkway, Miramar, Florida 33025

​Phone #: +1 (954) 736-6965


Depending on the service you need and location of preference, we

will connect you to the most appropriate wellness facility.

Please contact us for suggestions and we can schedule for you as well

any of the services.

In New York, we have a few providers depending in which borough. Please contact us with your geographic preference and we can help you with suggestions.


Network of Providers


We work with various providers to provide you with diagnostics to include Bone Density, X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, Pediatric Imaging, and Interventional Radiology. Our providers are committed to providing the highest quality care and imaging. They operate as a premier diagnostic center with the latest technology. Their professional team of physicians, technologists, and staff is dedicated to an unsurpassed commitment to your comfort and convenience. They honor all U.S. major insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, credit care. For patients with no insurance, we will assist with getting you the most competitive cost for the service needed. Impression Imaging: CTs, Pet CTs (whole body pet scans), Cardio Pet Scans, Bone Scans. Impression Imaging strives to provide patients with the highest quality care—from our compassionate and convenient service to the best possible equipment and radiology expertise. Impression's radiologists confer with your doctors to ensure they get the necessary information to assist in your care. As the saying goes, there are no second chances to make a first impression. Accordingly, Impression Imaging aims to get it right the first time. Impression Imaging uses advanced PET/CT scanners and employs experienced technologists to ensure superlative quality images and techniques beyond the capabilities of other diagnostic imaging centers in the area. They provide complimentary transportation to/from their facility on day of appointment. They honor all U.S. major insurance plans and many International insurance plans, and Medicare. For patients with no insurance, we will assist with getting you the most competitive cost for the service needed. Website:

Cancer Treatments

Radiation Oncology, Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) using Cyberknife: State-of-the-art CyberKnife technology is giving hope to patients around the world who want alternatives to conventional cancer surgery or radiation therapy. For decades, undergoing cancer treatment usually meant suffering through debilitating side effects and took weeks or months to complete. Now, thanks to the CyberKnife system, treatment can be completed within a matter of days and with few to mild side effects, if any. The bottom line is that CyberKnife technology allows them to manage and treat cancer like a chronic disease – similar to treating diabetes – while maintaining your quality of life throughout the treatment process. They honor all U.S. major insurance plans and some International insurance plans, and Medicare. For patients with no insurance, we will assist with getting you the most competitive cost for the service needed. Bone Marrow Transplants, Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT): While this is a very complex treatment, we can certainly assist in obtaining options for this treatment within the U.S. and outside of U.S. We understand patients may have limited insurance coverage for these treatments thus we look assist in obtaining the most appropriate option for each patient, each case. Many variables determine which type of transplant is needed; whether patient has a compatible donor or will use its own cells, etc. We can assist with options in different countries for specific patient needs. Radioactive Iodine Treatment – I-131. Ft. Lauderdale: The Center for Diabetes and Endocrine Care (CDEC), a state-of-the-art patient-centered medical facility, achieving excellence in endocrinology for over 35 years. As one of South Florida’s premier referral centers, the CDEC specializes in complex endocrine and metabolic disorders . In their center, you will find some of the area’s top specialists, combined with the latest in treatments and technologies for patients with diabetes, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, and adrenal disorders, disorders of fat metabolism, osteoporosis and other endocrine disorders. They work in close collaboration, both pre and post-operatively, with a group of highly trained and skilled endocrine surgeons when surgery is deemed necessary. Each member of their team is committed to delivering compassionate care in a warm, friendly, patient-centered environment. Website: Miami: Larkin Imaging Center’s mission is to provide cutting edge technology and exceptional patient care. They strive to offer an attractive and comfortable environment at all our facilities. You can get an appointment for many tests within 24 hours. By continuously improving interactions with each patient and every referring physician and staff person, Larkin Imaging Services strives to be recognized as the leading imaging provider in all its communities. They take extra care and make every effort to keep patients comfortable, providing complimentary beverages and snacks in our waiting rooms, comfortable scrubs to wear during some exams, as well as highly trained staff and technologist always attentive to patients needs. Defining themselves simply as a service provider of medical services diminishes the urgency of our mission, which is to support our patients and ensure their experience is the best one possible. Website:

Medical Oncology: Oncology, Hematology, Internal Medicine. Chemotherapy.

Medical Oncology: Oncology, Hematology, Internal Medicine. Chemotherapy: Dr. Matthew Taub is board-certified in internal medicine. He earned his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine in 1994. He completed his residencies at UMDNJ University of Medicine at Newark in 1998 and New York Medical College, Valhalla in 2001. They honor all U.S. major insurance plans and some International insurance plans, and Medicare. For patients with no insurance, we will assist with getting you the most competitive cost for the service needed. Website:

Gynecology Oncology

Women's Cancer Care Center is dedicated to the evaluation and management of gynecologic ailments, including comprehensive oncology care for malignancies of the uterus, ovary and cervix. Our clinical services include the role of screening, diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic tumors as well as pelvic organ prolapse, and incontinence. GYN oncology is the field of medical specialization which deals with the study and treatment of malignancies arising in the female reproductive tract. Ovary, endometrium, cervix, vulva and vagina are the sites of origin of the most common gynecologic malignancies. For more information visit link below. As a specialist a in gynecologic cancer, Dr. Cirisano has completed subspecialty training in the following areas: radical surgery for cervical cancer; surgical staging for ovarian cancer including ovarian cancer tumor debulking; surgical staging for uterine cancer; and pelvic reconstruction surgery for prolapse and urinary incontinence. His areas of expertise include: Comprehensive gynecologic cancer care Minimally invasive cancer and pelvic surgery
(laparoscopic and robotic) Radical cancer surgery Advanced Pelvic Surgery They honor all U.S. major insurance plans and some International insurance plans, and Medicare. For patients with no insurance, we will assist with getting you the most competitive cost for the service needed. Website:


Urology services and procedures. Reconstructive urology. Female urology. At the Bladder Health & Reconstructive Urology Institute (BHRUI), they pride themselves in bringing the best Urologic care to male and female patients. Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute, headed by Dr. Angelo Gousse, specializes in both male and female voiding dysfunction and reconstruction. Dr. Gousse has been a pioneer in the development of third line treatments of overactive bladder. Dr. Gousse was the first to perform Sacral Nerve Neuromodulation Interstim in South Florida for the treatment of overactive bladder. He pioneered the usage of Botox (Botulinum Toxin A) in the treatment of overactive bladder and neurogenic bladder. The clinical trials he led as principal investigator resulted in numerous scientific publications and contributed to the first FDA approval of Botox for urologic use in August 2011. Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute specializes in clinical problems related to failure to store urine (incontinence), failure to empty urine (urinary retention), urinary frequency and urgency (overactive bladder) with and without pain (painful bladder syndrome/Interstitial cystitis). Dr. Gousse has developed unique outpatient minimally invasive techniques to treat urinary incontinence. He has performed more than 1000 transvaginal suburethral sling procedures. At BHRUI we offer unique approaches in the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections in men and women. We diagnose and manage bladder cancer, which may present with abnormal voiding. We offer a mesh-free approach in treating women with bladder drop (cystocele) and other pelvic organ prolapse. We avoid synthetic mesh in treating pelvic organ prolapse. We treat men with benign prostate disease, urethral stricture, and prostate cancer. As a former Executive Board Member on the Genitourinary Reconstructive Society (GURS), Dr. Gousse specializes in urethral reconstruction (urethroplasty), ureteral (ureteral reimplantation), and bladder reconstruction (Augmentation Cystoplasty). At BHRUI they believe that an accurate diagnosis by an experienced and well trained specialist is the key to success when managing complex urologic problems. Successful treatment of bladder control problems significantly improves quality of life. Setting realistic goals and expectations is important in order to ensure patient satisfaction. Website:

Surgeons: breast, general, colorectal and reconstruction.

General Surgery Dr. Leonardo Henriquez is board certified in general surgery and is currently a practicing breast surgeon and founder of the Comprehensive Breast Center. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Universidad Central Venezuela. Dr. Henriquez then went on to complete a surgical pathology residency as well as a surgical residency at University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Henriquez performed the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy in South America, which led to multiple publications. He also has training in oncoplastic breast surgery in Brazil, Italy and France. As an expert in his field, Dr. Henriquez has been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals and books. He is also a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the American Society of Surgical Pathologists, the Venezuelan College of Surgeons and the American Society of Breast Surgeons. Website: Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.
For over 22 years, Dr. Eduardo Barroso has provided the highest quality of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery to his patients locally, nationally and internationally. His experience and knowledge combined with a commitment to patient safety and well-being has made him the "go-to doctor" chosen by patients locally and around the world who are looking for a safe surgical experience, a commitment to excellence, and natural cosmetic results. His center is committed to helping patients look and feel beautiful and confident every day of their lives. They strive to provide patients with the highest quality of care and guarantee of personal attention at each step of the surgical process. From the first visit to last post procedure check-up, patient will experience a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with a focus on patient education and thorough discussion so they can make well informed decisions. Their goal is to formulate the best treatment plan that will help patient reach aesthetic needs with the most natural appearing outcomes. They couple this experience with strictest standards of patient privacy and confidentiality. Committed to patient education and a fully informed decision, all patient consultations and evaluations are personally performed by Dr. Barroso with the primary goal of a thorough discussion of the realistic available surgical and non-surgical options. All treatment plans are discussed in detail taking into account the patient's needs and realistic goals. Preoperative planning is done in an honest and unbiased manner and our reputation is built on natural results, a professional and safe surgical experience with attention to every detail, and a comfortable and safe post-operative recovery. For international or out of town patients, they also offer online video conferencing with Dr. Barroso to create an appropriate treatment plan prior to arrival in the country followed by a face to face consultation in the office prior to surgery. Website:

Lymphedema Therapy

At The South Florida Breast Cancer Rehab Center their mission is — to help women and men resume physically active lives after breast cancer treatment by providing the most relevant and up-to-date instruction, rehabilitation and educational resources. Their teachings are both evidence-based and garnered from clinical practice. They advocate practical principles of lymphedema management and proven prevention strategies. They are actively engaged in research to advance the treatment of lymphedema. Therapist: Jean Yzer, PT CLT LANA Affiliated with South Florida Breast Cancer Rehab Center 275 NW 107th Ave Pembroke Pines, Fl 33026
Phone: (954) 648-6767 E-mail: ​They accept cash. We will assist with getting you the most competitive cost for the service needed. Website:

Endocrinology Care: diabetes, hypertension, etc.

They work in close consultation with your primary care physician and other specialists, to create a comprehensive treatment plan for: Routine Insulin Therapy, basal-bolus therapy including Insulin Pump Management Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGMS) Refined analysis of lipid particles Assessment for Gastric Bypass Surgery Graves and Hashimoto’s Disease Thyroid Nodules and Goiter Thyroid Cancer Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults Up to date diagnosis and treatment of Cushing’s Disease, Acromegaly Hyperprolactinemia Osteoporosis and Osteopenia Osteomalacia Hyper and hypocalcemia Parathyroid disorders Vitamin D Deficiency Adrenal tumors Pheochromocytoma Congenital and acquired Adrenal Hyperplasia “Low T” in men Polycystic Ovary Syndrome A full laboratory for general and specialized endocrine and metabolic blood testing Stimulation tests for complex endocrine disorders Thyroid Diagnostic Ultrasound Ultrasound-guided Fine Needle aspiration biopsy of the Thyroid Instant on-site pathological analysis of thyroid biopsy specimens Pre-operative “mapping” of the neck lymph nodes to insure appropriate surgery for thyroid cancer Pre-operative localization of Parathyroid tumors by ultrasound Radioactive Iodine therapy for thyroid disorders Insulin pump and Continuous Glucose Sensor installation Testosterone Pellet implanting for men with “Low T” Diagnostic Ultrasound for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Website:

Stress Management

We work with this provider who has scientific-based methods for evaluating and treatment of stress. "Stress is not a mental illness. But, mental illnesses can cause stress and it also goes the other way around where stress can cause mental illnesses." says Dr. James Mills. Dr. Mills is focused on revolutionising how people and especially the medical fraternity think of stress. "Stress is a defence mechanism, just like the skin and other organs. My mission is to educate people on stress and its related illnesses," Mills explains. His interest in stress began when he was in medical school and has not faded since. Wherever he went across the world, he had to find a bookstore to get a book that would increase his knowledge on stress. "The fact that I studied physiology further increased my interest in stress. Physiology along with medicine and surgery also widened my scope on stress by helping me to analyse things critically. Also, even while I was teaching at the UWI, I was teaching subjects that were about stress," Mills said. Mills is a fellow of the American Institute of Stress. In 2016 he established Global Stress Solutions, a facility that seeks to help people identify their stress source and solve their stress related problems. He is the only known person throughout the world to measure stress. Yes, with technological instruments he can measure your stress levels in the same way you can measure your body temperature. His wealth of knowledge on stress coupled with his mission to educate the public about stress led him to write The Scientific Principles of Stress, in 2012. This book became a best-seller on Amazon and made the New York Times Bestseller list. He believes that despite all the beliefs people have about stress, there is an underlying fact that all should understand. Dr. James Mills, MD, PhD (Physiology), FAIS Author: Scientific Principles of Stress Consultant in Stress Management and Fellow of American Institute of Stress:​ Practice: The Stress Solutions E-mail: His CV: click here. Located in Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. Evaluates patient virtually via phone, Skype, FaceTime first; then can discuss treatment option(s). They accept cash and credit card.

Nuestra Red de Proveedores

Diagnósticos: resonancias magnéticas, mamografías, ecografías, biopsias, tomografías computarizadas, exploraciones óseas, etc.

Examen(es) Diagnosticos: Tenemos various proveedores en la cual colaboramos y sus servicios aclamados incluyen la densidad ósea, rayos X, tomografía computarizada, resonancia magnética, ultrasonido, medicina nuclear, mamografía, imágenes pediátricas y radiología intervencionista. Nuestros proveedores se compromete a brindar atención e imágenes de la más alta calidad en la comunidad. Funcionan como un centro de diagnóstico de primer nivel con la última tecnología. Su equipo profesional de médicos, tecnólogos y personal está dedicado a un compromiso inigualable con su comodidad y conveniencia. Honran a todos los principales planes de seguro de EE. UU., Medicare, Medicaid, cuidado de crédito. Para pacientes sin seguro, lo ayudaremos a obtener el costo más competitivo por el servicio que necesita. Impression Imaging (Imágenes de impresión): tomografías computarizadas, tomografías computarizadas de PETs (escaneos de PETs de todo el cuerpo), escaneos de PETs con cardio, escaneos óseos. Impression Imaging se esfuerza por ofrecer a los pacientes la atención más alta de calidad, desde nuestro servicio compasivo y conveniente hasta la mejor experiencia en equipos y radiología. Los radiólogos de impresiones consultan con sus médicos para asegurarse de que obtengan la información necesaria para ayudar en su atención. Como dice el refrán, no hay segundas oportunidades para causar una primera impresión. En consecuencia, Impression Imaging pretende hacer las cosas bien la primera vez. Impression Imaging utiliza escáneres PET / CT avanzados y emplea técnicos experimentados para garantizar imágenes y técnicas de calidad superior a las capacidades de otros centros de diagnóstico por imágenes en el área. Brindan transporte de cortesía hacia y desde sus instalaciones el día de la cita. Sitio web:

Tratamientos contra el cáncer: quimioterapia, radioterapia, oncología quirúrgica, ginecología oncología y general.

Radiología Oncológica, Radiocirugía Estereotáxica (SRS) usando Cyberknife: La tecnología CyberKnife de última generación brinda esperanza a pacientes de todo el mundo que desean alternativas a la cirugía convencional o la radioterapia. Durante décadas, someterse a un tratamiento contra el cáncer por lo general significaba sufrir efectos secundarios debilitantes y tardar semanas o meses en completarse. Ahora, gracias al sistema CyberKnife, el tratamiento puede completarse en cuestión de días y con efectos secundarios leves, si corresponde. La conclusión es que la tecnología de CyberKnife les permite administrar y tratar el cáncer como una enfermedad crónica, similar al tratamiento de la diabetes, mientras se mantiene la calidad de vida durante todo el proceso de tratamiento. Tienen la experiencia y un equipo sólido y calificado en el Sur de Florida. Y la amplia experiencia en investigación clínica y técnica ayuda a sus médicos a determinar si usted es un candidato apropiado para el tratamiento con CyberKnife. El trasplante de médula ósea: es un procedimiento médico propio del campo de la hematología y suele realizarse en pacientes con cáncer de sangre o médula ósea (ya sea mieloma múltiple o leucemia), para eliminar las células enfermas o defectuosas e introducir células madres que produzcan glóbulos y plaquetas sanos. Le asistimos con opciones de este tratamiento en los E.E.U.U., como en otros paises. Entendemos que pacientes suelen tener cobertura limitada para estos procedimientos complejos y asistimos con proveerle al paciente con opciones de especialistas aqui y en otros países por razones de especialización y costo. Estamos para ayudarlos a guiarlos en esta area. Tratamiento con yodo radiactivo - I-131. Ft. Lauderdale: El Centro para la Diabetes y la Atención Endocrina (CDEC), un centro médico de última generación centrado en el paciente, que ha alcanzado la excelencia en endocrinología durante más de 35 años. Como uno de los principales centros de referencia del sur de la Florida, el CDEC se especializa en trastornos metabólicos y endocrinos complejos. En su centro, encontrará algunos de los mejores especialistas de la zona, combinados con lo último en tratamientos y tecnologías para pacientes con diabetes, tiroides, paratiroides, hipófisis y trastornos adrenales, trastornos del metabolismo de las grasas, osteoporosis y otros trastornos endocrinos. Trabajan en estrecha colaboración, tanto antes como después de la operación, con un grupo de cirujanos endocrinos altamente entrenados y capacitados cuando se considera necesaria la cirugía. Cada miembro de su equipo se compromete a brindar atención compasiva en un ambiente cálido, amigable y centrado en el paciente. Sitio web: Miami: La misión del Larkin Imaging Center es proporcionar tecnología de vanguardia y atención excepcional para el paciente. Se esfuerzan por ofrecer un ambiente atractivo y confortable en todas nuestras instalaciones. Puede obtener una cita para muchas pruebas en 24 horas. Al mejorar continuamente las interacciones con cada paciente y con cada médico y personal de referencia, Larkin Imaging Services se esfuerza por ser reconocido como el proveedor líder de imágenes en todas sus comunidades. Toman especial cuidado y hacen todo lo posible para mantener a los pacientes cómodos, proporcionando bebidas y refrigerios de cortesía en nuestras salas de espera, cómodas prendas médicas para usar durante algunos exámenes, así como personal altamente capacitado y tecnólogo siempre atentos a las necesidades de los pacientes. Definirse a sí mismos simplemente como unos proveedores de servicios médicos disminuye la urgencia de nuestra misión, que es apoyar a nuestros pacientes y garantizar que su experiencia sea la mejor posible. Sitio web:

Hematología, Quimioterapia.

Oncología Médica: Oncología, Hematología, Medicina Interna. Quimioterapia:El Dr. Matthew Taub está certificado por la junta en medicina interna. Obtuvo su título de médico en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Boston en 1994. Completó sus residencias en la Universidad de Medicina de UMDNJ en Newark en 1998 y en la Facultad de Medicina de Nueva York en Valhalla en 2001.​ Sitio web:

Ginecología Oncología.

Women's Cancer Care Center se dedica a la evaluación y manejo de dolencias ginecológicas, incluida la atención integral de oncología para tumores malignos del útero, ovario y cuello uterino. Nuestros servicios clínicos incluyen el papel de la detección, el diagnóstico y el tratamiento de tumores ginecológicos, así como del prolapso de órganos pélvicos e incontinencia.​La oncología ginecológica es el campo de la especialización médica que se ocupa del estudio y tratamiento de tumores malignos que surgen en el tracto reproductivo femenino. El ovario, el endometrio, el cuello uterino, la vulva y la vagina son los sitios de origen de las neoplasias malignas ginecológicas más comunes. Para obtener más información, visite el enlace a continuación.Como especialista en cáncer ginecológico, el Dr. Cirisano ha completado el entrenamiento de subespecialidades en las siguientes áreas: cirugía radical para el cáncer de cuello uterino; estadificación quirúrgica del cáncer de ovario, incluida la reducción del tumor de cáncer de ovario; estadificación quirúrgica del cáncer de útero; y cirugía de reconstrucción pélvica para prolapso e incontinencia urinaria.​ Sus áreas de experiencia incluyen:Atención integral del cáncer ginecológicoCáncer mínimamente invasivo y cirugía pélvica (laparoscópica y robótica)Cirugía de cáncer radicalCirugía pélvica avanzada​​. Sitio web:


Servicios y procedimientos de urología. Urología reconstructiva Urología femeninaEn el Bladder Health & Reconstructive Urology Institute (BHRUI), se enorgullecen de brindar la mejor atención de Urologic a pacientes masculinos y femeninos. Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute, dirigido por el Dr. Angelo Gousse, se especializa en la disfunción miccional y la disfunción miccional masculina junto con la reconstrucción. El Dr. Gousse ha sido un pionero en el desarrollo de tratamientos de tercera línea para la vejiga hiperactiva. El Dr. Gousse fue el primero en realizar Interstim de Neuromodulación del Nervio Sacro en el sur de la Florida para el tratamiento de la vejiga hiperactiva. Fue pionero en el uso de Botox (Toxina A botulínica) en el tratamiento de la vejiga hiperactiva y la vejiga neurogénica. Los ensayos clínicos que dirigió como investigador principal dieron como resultado numerosas publicaciones científicas y contribuyeron a la aprobación de Botox por primera vez por la FDA para uso urológico en agosto de 2011. Bladder Health and Reconstructive Urology Institute se especializa en problemas clínicos relacionados con la falta de almacenamiento de orina (incontinencia), falta de orina (retención urinaria), frecuencia urinaria y urgencia (vejiga hiperactiva) con y sin dolor (síndrome de vejiga dolorosa / cistitis intersticial). El Dr. Gousse ha desarrollado técnicas únicas mínimamente invasivas para pacientes ambulatorios para tratar la incontinencia urinaria. Ha realizado más de 1000 procedimientos de cabestrillo suburetral transvaginal. En BHRUI ofrecemos enfoques únicos en el tratamiento de infecciones recurrentes del tracto urinario en hombres y mujeres. Diagnosticamos y tratamos el cáncer de vejiga, que puede presentarse con micción anormal. Ofrecemos un enfoque libre de malla en el tratamiento de mujeres con gota en la vejiga (cistocele) y otro prolapso de órganos pélvicos. Evitamos la malla sintética en el tratamiento del prolapso de órganos pélvicos. Tratamos a hombres con enfermedad de próstata benigna, estenosis uretral y cáncer de próstata. Como ex miembro de la Junta Ejecutiva de la Sociedad Genitourinaria Reconstructiva (GURS), el Dr. Gousse se especializa en la reconstrucción uretral (uretroplastia), ureteral (reimplante ureteral) y reconstrucción de la vejiga (Cistoplastia de aumento).En BHRUI creen que un diagnóstico preciso por parte de un especialista experimentado y bien entrenado es la clave del éxito cuando se manejan problemas urológicos complejos. El tratamiento exitoso de los problemas de control de la vejiga mejora significativamente la calidad de vida. Establecer metas y expectativas realistas es importante para garantizar la satisfacción del paciente. Sitio web:

Cirugía General, Reconstructiva, Cirugía Plástica.

Cirujanos: mama, general, colorrectal y reconstrucción. Cirugía General: El Dr. Leonardo Henriquez está certificado por la junta en cirugía general y actualmente es cirujano de mama practicante y fundador del Comprehensive Breast Center. Recibió su título de Doctor en Medicina de la Universidad Central de Venezuela. Luego, el Dr. Henríquez completó una residencia en patología quirúrgica y una residencia quirúrgica en la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Massachusetts. El Dr. Henriquez realizó la primera colecistectomía laparoscópica en América del Sur, que dio lugar a múltiples publicaciones. También tiene entrenamiento en cirugía de mama oncoplástica en Brasil, Italia y Francia. Como experto en su campo, el Dr. Henríquez ha sido publicado en varias revistas y libros revisados por pares. También es miembro del Colegio Estadounidense de Cirujanos, la Sociedad Estadounidense de Patólogos Quirúrgicos, el Colegio Venezolano de Cirujanos y la Sociedad Estadounidense de Cirujanos de Mama. Sitio web: Cirugía Cosmética y Reconstructiva: Por más de 22 años, el Dr. Eduardo Barroso ha proporcionado la más alta calidad de Cirugía Estética y Reconstructiva a sus pacientes a nivel local, nacional e internacional. Su experiencia y conocimiento combinados con un compromiso con la seguridad y el bienestar del paciente lo han convertido en el "médico de referencia" elegido por pacientes locales y de todo el mundo que buscan una experiencia quirúrgica segura, un compromiso con la excelencia y cosmética natural resultados. Su centro se compromete a ayudar a los pacientes a verse y sentirse bellos y seguros todos los días de sus vidas. Se esfuerzan por brindar a los pacientes la más alta calidad de atención y la garantía de atención personalizada en cada paso del proceso quirúrgico. Desde la primera visita hasta la última revisión del procedimiento posterior, el paciente experimentará un ambiente cómodo y relajado con un enfoque en la educación del paciente y un debate exhaustivo para que pueda tomar decisiones bien informadas. Su objetivo es formular el mejor plan de tratamiento que ayudará al paciente a alcanzar las necesidades estéticas con los resultados más naturales. Ellos unen esta experiencia con los más estrictos estándares de privacidad y confidencialidad del paciente. Comprometidos con la educación del paciente y con una decisión completamente informada, el Dr. Barroso realiza personalmente todas las consultas y evaluaciones de los pacientes con el objetivo principal de una discusión exhaustiva de las opciones quirúrgicas y no quirúrgicas realistas disponibles. Todos los planes de tratamiento se discuten en detalle teniendo en cuenta las necesidades del paciente y los objetivos realistas. La planificación preoperatoria se realiza de una manera honesta e imparcial y nuestra reputación se basa en resultados naturales, una experiencia quirúrgica profesional y segura con atención a cada detalle, y una recuperación postoperatoria cómoda y segura. Para pacientes internacionales o fuera de la ciudad, también ofrecen videoconferencias en línea con el Dr. Barroso para crear un plan de tratamiento apropiado antes de la llegada al país, seguido de una consulta cara a cara en la oficina antes de la cirugía. Sitio web:

Terapia de Linfedema.

En el Centro de Rehabilitación de Cáncer de Mama del Sur de la Florida, la misión es ayudar a mujeres y hombres a reanudar sus vidas físicamente activas después del tratamiento del cáncer de mama proporcionándoles la educación, la rehabilitación y los recursos educativos más relevantes y actualizados. Sus enseñanzas se basan tanto en la evidencia como en la práctica clínica. Abogan por principios prácticos de manejo del linfedema y estrategias de prevención comprobadas. Están activamente involucrados en investigaciones para avanzar en el tratamiento del linfedema. Therapist: Jean Yzer, PT CLT LANA Affiliated with South Florida Breast Cancer Rehab Center 275 NW 107th Ave Pembroke Pines, Fl 33026
Tel: (954) 648-6767 Cooreo electronico: Aceptan efectivo. Sitio de web:

Cuidado Endocrinológico.

Cuidado Endocrinológico: diabetes, hipertensión, etc. Trabajan en estrecha consulta con su médico de atención primaria y otros especialistas, para crear un plan de tratamiento integral para:

  • Terapia de insulina de rutina, terapia de bolo basal que incluye administración de la bomba de insulina
  • Monitoreo continuo de glucosa (CGMS)
  • Análisis refinado de partículas de lípidos
  • Evaluación para cirugía de bypass gástrica
  • Graves y la enfermedad de Hashimoto
  • Nódulos tiroideos y bocio
  • Cáncer de tiroides
  • Deficiencia de Hormona de Crecimiento en Adultos
  • Diagnóstico y tratamiento actualizado de la enfermedad de Cushing, acromegalia
  • Hiperprolactinemia
  • Osteoporosis y osteopenia
  • Osteomalacia
  • Hiper e hipocalcemia
  • Trastornos paratiroideos
  • Deficiencia de vitamina D
  • Tumores suprarrenales
  • Feocromocitoma
  • Hiperplasia suprarrenal congénita y adquirida
  • Baja Testosterona en hombres
  • Síndrome de Ovario poliquístico
  • Un laboratorio completo para pruebas generales y especializadas de sangre endocrina y metabólica
  • Pruebas de estimulación para trastornos endocrinos complejos
  • Ultrasonido de diagnóstico tiroideo
  • Biopsia de la tiroides por aspiración con aguja fina guiada por ultrasonido
  • Análisis patológico instantáneo in situ de muestras de biopsias tiroideas
  • "Mapeo" preoperatorio de los ganglios linfáticos del cuello para asegurar una cirugía apropiada para el cáncer de tiroides
  • Localización preoperatoria de tumores paratiroideos por ultrasonido
  • Terapia con yodo radiactivo para los trastornos de la tiroides
  • Instalación de la bomba de insulina y del sensor continúo de glucosa
  • Implante de pellets de testosterona para hombres con baja testosterona
  • Ultrasonido de diagnóstico para el síndrome de ovario poliquístico
Sitio web:

Manejo del estrés.

El manejo del estrés: Lo podemos orientar en cuanto nos contacte con opciones, dependiendo su preferencia geográfica y situación especifica.