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☆   Attendees will know you as The Gold (Fire) Tier supporter-sponsor. You have the attention of a targeted audience to share your products and services.
     Included in this Gold sponsor package: 

☆  An on-site booth allocation, by Cuisine Stations, where Attendees will have an area to engage and network with your Representative(s) for maximum exposure. All sponsors are not allowed to be on-site, only top 4 tiers to provide you with greatest exposure. 
☆  Your position will be on one side of the Platinum Tier; you are entitled to one (1) 6’ table and two (2) chairs for your representatives to display your information/product, see attached booth layout diagram.
☆ Use of 1 standing banner, by your booth.
☆  You are entitled to provide eight (8) centerpieces and framed messages with your branding for the tables/lounge area where guests will dine and the networking area; with the pre-approved item(s) by H.O.P.E.’s planning committee.
☆  The Gold Tier display of logo and Company’s corporate message on our 100” screens throughout event, for 5 hours. 
☆ A 1-minute live message by your representative, after the Platinum Sponsor, to share your message OR you can also provide a 1-minute video with captioned message to run throughout the event.
☆  We will send all guests a follow up with an appreciation acknowledgement to you as The Gold Tier supporter-sponsor with your personalized message to them and how they can contact you.
☆ Any press and/or promotional media and e-mail blasts leading up to event, you will be acknowledged as The Gold Tier supporter-sponsor.
☆ Access to attendees’ guest list with contact details.
☆ Your company will be mentioned as The Gold Tier supporter-sponsor on our main invitation reminders, guest tickets, website, and social media. Please provide a 1-minute video introducing your company, a written summary of your company’s products and services, no more than 75 words, which you would like to see as a special feature on our social media. You may send us #hashtags as well to be included. We will run your messages up to 1 month after event.
☆  6 guest tickets included.  

The Gold (Fire) Tier supporter-sponsor

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