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☆  Attendees will know you as the supporter-sponsor of their “Live Band Segment,” which will happen during the event for 1 hour. Attendees appreciate live entertainment when we switch from our D.J.’s turn tables. We have hand-picked an extremely talented band who are very versatile and know how to engage the audience.

☆ Verbal acknowledgment at the event as the official sponsor for the Live Band Segment, right before introducing the band and when they are finished. A 1-minute video to share your products or service to our guests, which will play in our 100” screens during this hour of entertainment.

☆ Your logo on our 100” screens throughout the event, for 5 hours.

☆ Your company will be mentioned as The Live Band supporter on our website and social media. Please provide a 20-seconds video introducing your company, and a written summary of your company’s products and services, in no more than 25 words, which you would like to see as a special feature on our social media. You may send us #hashtags as well to be included. We will run your messages up to 1 month after the event.

☆ 2 guest tickets included.

Live Band Supporter